The Company

Don’t try to phone CEA and Ask in a generic way of Mr or Mrs De Fusto. They wouldn’t know to switch you to. You must be aware that in this Company, founded in 1978, two De Fusto generations are working. they are the brothers Elio, Mario and Vittorio, with the relevant families. This is an already rare exemple of entrepreneurs coming from the same but very functional role.

For CEA, the famous sentence celebrated by Dumasseems has been coined for :”all for one, one for all”. The new plant, is extended on a surface of 300 square meters and can supply design, production and assembly of all those following products (button operating panels, intercomunication devices, eletrical kit and lift accessories) the market looks for. In this way the requirements of the customers are met.

The high level of technology of the production units and the selected human resources allow CEA to produce directly all products thet aftewards are put into service. ISO 9002 Quality certifiction received since 1996 is a clear demonstration of the right strategic decisions of the Company. Delivery times are me and range from 5 days for stock materials to 30 days for the specialproducts. Several technological innovations have marked CEA success all along these years. The Company has always answered the innovation request demanded by the lift market, thanks to its innovative and young people.

CEA is a member of two Associations of the lift sector (Anica and Anacam) and, in order to be always on the frontline, CEA organise training coursesaddressed to graduates from high and medium schools that are willing enter the lift world, and aside sector, not less importatn of the previous one, deals with the production of plates used both advertising and in the cruising ships. Several magazines wrote articles on the CEA phenomenon and, among them, we remind the prestigious American magazine “Elevator world”.

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